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Our Cabeese


(2827 Photo by Aaron J. Heiner. 923 Photo by Tim Moriarty)

CHRX 2827CHRX 923

Click on either of the two cabeese for the history above that caboose. Choose to view the history of CHRX 2827 an ex-Wabash caboose or CHRX 923, and ex-RF&P caboose.

CHRX 2827 awaiting asignment near the engine shed at the Walkersville Southern Railroad. Many years of hard labor by the membership has led to the last C-18 caboose still in revenue service on any US railroad to be fully restored. The Division's second caboose, an ex-RF&P #923. A better picture is needed. Please feel free to send me one for the page of 923 if you have it. You'll recieve photo credit.



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