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Who We Are

The Chesapeake Railway Assn. is a non-profit, organization. The main objective of this club is to educate and preserve railroading in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area together. The Division meets on a monthly basis on the first Wednesday of every month where after a brief business meeting the membership is treated to various presentations and slide shows by other members and guest speakers. The division also reguarly venture on railroad trips through out the area.

Join the Division

All Aboard for the Chesapeake Railway Assn.

Send in your dues now and don't miss an issue of the High Green! The full $20 dues rate includes the membership in the Chesapeake Railway Assn.

__Regular membership - $20

__ Other___________________________ (Guest, newsletter exchange, etc. Please specify and let us hear from you to ensure your correct address, plus send us any rail news that you'd like to share with us in the HG) Please feel free to print out this page and use the below form.



CITY:________________________________ STATE:______ ZIP:___________


Make checks payable and mail to:

Chesapeake Railway Assn.

PO Box 397

Gaithersburg MD 20884-0397


Member's Infomation


Email the division for questions and comments.



Tim Moriarty, President
Jim Cummings, Vice President
Marlow Madeoy, Treasurer
Jerry Rollins, Secretary



Tom Hires
Wes Vernon
Elmer Sichert
Rosemary Birchard
Aaron J. Heiner



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